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Download Zombie Tsunami mod apk latest version and you will get access to unlimited coins and money with smooth ad-free gameplay.
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Voice a massive tsunami on the city, destroying everything in sight: people, cars, and animals, and
increasing the tsunami! Explore different locations; no one or nothing can escape the zombies! The game
has beautiful 3D graphics, that are sure to please everyone. Unlock Zombie Tsunami mod apk unlimited
coins and diamonds all items are a fantastic and exciting zombie fighting game with multiple adventures.
Where you can play as a green little villain attempting to infect others to become like him.
Aside from the rush to get up and destroy everything in his path. You will receive unlimited money as well
as special rewards. Control a massive swarm of zombies and destroy everything in your path. Complete
over 300 entertaining missions, explore the vast world and sow fear in every town. Nothing can stop you
from challenging yourself and destroying all life on earth!

zt 2 300x169 - Zombie Tsunami MOD APK v (Unlimited Coins)


Everything is Unlocked:

After you have downloaded the free download Zombie Tsunami mod apk all unlocked android. Then you
can enjoy more new and exciting game additions and other features.

All Birds must be Unlocked:

You can also easily play Zombie Tsunami mod apk download. Aside from having fun unlocking more
vehicles, cars, birds, and locations.

Unlimited Funds:

One of the game’s best and most important recent updates. Where you can make an unlimited amount of
money and enjoy brand-new upgrade options.

Unrestricted Gold:

Also, once you have completed the installation of the game on your phone. Then, as one of the most
notable new features in this version, you can earn infinite gold.

Unlimited Coins:

The game has different names from person to person. However, by entering the game, you can earn an
infinite amount of gold.

Unrestricted Gems:

The Zombie Tsunami apk unlimited diamond has more gems. Where you can get unlimited gems that
aren’t available in the official game.

Get New Characters:

Enjoy the game’s new zombie characters. Whereas the recent version has a different and new set of

Unlock New Areas:

You can also play in over 11 new locations that have been unlocked with 10 new power-ups, bonuses for
running, and new vehicles.

300 Brand-New Missions:

Prepare to play Zombie Tsunami mod menu at any time without being bored. Over 300 new missions
have been made available.

HD and Free:

The user interface improves all graphics. Also, the game is available to all users for free with no strings

There is No Root:

You do not need to root your phone to download the latest version of the Zombie Tsunami mod apk
unlocked everything for android. Before beginning the installation process, the game does not require this
permission. Also Checkout:


The gameplay is similar to the popular game Jetpack Joyride. The control is designed to be as simple as
possible. Zombies run you, and when you touch the screen, a swarm of the undead leaps over pits and
obstacles. The longer you keep your finger on the screen, the higher they jump. While trailing jumps later
than the front dead, each hop tries to get a few people in the crowd.
Some superpowers can transform heroes into a large dragons, massive tsunamis, or other objects. The
game has good three-dimensional graphics, nice animation, and an exploration mode. All of this adds up
to Zombie Tsunami mod apk unlocked everything being a fun time-killer with addictive gameplay.

zt 3 300x169 - Zombie Tsunami MOD APK v (Unlimited Coins)


Players will enter a world filled with pale zombies who are always moving to find each child. Players will
control these zombies as they move around a 2D environment, avoiding anything that can harm them.
Because it is an endless runner game, there is no end to your challenges. At the same time, there will
always be unexpected factors during the game, so always be careful and keep an eye on the number of
zombies you have, because if the number drops below zero, the level will end instantly. Each vehicle will
need a specific number of zombies to destroy it, and large objects such as tanks and planes.


Increasing the number of zombies is important in this game because you will receive a lottery ticket. It will
provide you with multiple impressive rewards. You should play the game to collect as much brain as
possible. If you don’t upgrade them, your forces can be easily injured and you won’t be able to take
advantage of special skills through new upgrades. So you will spend time upgrading the essential items in
the shop, such as upgrading zombies, upgrading power, and many other things to serve your level.


This game has an exciting mission system that anyone will enjoy completing. There are different types of
missions, each with its level of difficulty. So, when you finish any task, the essence of the task will be
poured into a glass jar of different shapes. When you fill these experiment jars, money will appear, and
the amount of money you receive will increase later.

Throughout the game, you will not be able to ignore the events that are currently appearing within the
Zombie Tsunami; each event will have an exciting way to play in addition to the pure gameplay in the
game. Also, it is a chance for players to discover some new items and mechanics that the updated
versions are intended to bring a terrifying new power to these zombies. You should not miss out on
current events.

zt 4 300x225 - Zombie Tsunami MOD APK v (Unlimited Coins)


Steps for Installing Zombie Tsunami on Android:

  1. To begin, download the ”Zombie Tsunami mod apk” from the link given above.
  2. Then pause for a few seconds. You will now go to the ”Settings” menu.
  3. Then select the ”Unknown Sources” option.
  4. So that you can successfully install the game.
  5. Then, go to ”Downloads” and begin the installation process.
  6. The Zombie Tsunami hack mod was successfully downloaded.

Steps for Installing Zombie Tsunami on iOS:

  1. To begin, download Zombie Tsunami.
  2. Then you must wait a minute for the process to complete.
  3. You can now open the game file.
  4. Then begin the Zombie Tsunami installation.
  5. You will now be ready to play the game.


Zombie tsunami mod apk unlock all items is now available for android, enjoy 300 new missions to play.
As you progress, you will be able to unlock more characters and all of the birds. You will also enjoy
playing the Zombie Tsunami code list because it has unlimited money, coins, gold, and gems. Plus, with
high-quality HD graphics, you can gain more upgrades and unlock new zombie characters. Let’s
download the upgraded version and view all of the new features and details. Visit our website for more
amazing modded games other exciting apk files. Stay tuned.

What's new

- Summer events!
- Bug fix and improvements
- Optimized for larger screens
- Blast Processing

Check out our Facebook page for more information about the new zombirds fusion: https://www.facebook.com/Mobigame-143172829084267/

Spread the word, and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or Mobigame.net for updates.

Thank you for playing Zombie Tsunami



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